Magadan City Hall is the executive and administrative body of the local government of the City of Magadan municipal structure, endowed in its Charter with the mandate to address local issues and powers to enforce certain federal powers, transferred to local governments by federal laws and laws of the Magadan region.

City hall is directed by the Mayor of Magadan on the principles of one-man management.

Magadan City Hall operates in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation and the Magadan Region, the decisions of the Magadan City Council and the Charter of the City of Magadan municipal structure.
Magadan City Hall is formed by the Mayor in accordance with federal laws, the laws of the Magadan region and the Charter of the City of Magadan municipal structure. Structure of the City Hall is approved by the Magadan City Council upon the proposal of the Mayor. The structure of the City Hall includes branch (functional) and territorial bodies.

Territorial bodies of the City Hall are the administrations of Sokol and Uptar settlements, led by their heads who are appointed and dismissed by the Mayor of the city of Magadan.

City Hall bodies operate under the Regulations on branch (functional) and territorial bodies of the City Hall, approved by the Mayor of the city.

Deputy mayors of the city of Magadan, including supervisors of the City Hall bodies, are appointed and dismissed by the Mayor.
Advisory boards or community councils can be created at City Hall (and its subsidiaries) to perform advisory functions.
Job descriptions for employees of the City Hall, its branch (functional) and territorial bodies are approved by the head of the relevant body of the City Hall.
Funding of Magadan City Hall, its branch (functional) and territorial bodies is carried out in accordance with the budget, approved by Magadan City Council and within the amounts, allocated as management costs.

The competence of the Magadan City Hall includes:

• exercising powers of local self-government of Magadan in addressing issues of local importance in the urban district in accordance with federal laws, or Magadan City Council regulations, decisions and orders of the City Hall;
• fulfilling certain state powers transferred to local governments in federal laws and laws of the Magadan region;
• development and implementation of concepts, plans and programs for the development of the city of Magadan, approved by the City Council;
• drafting of the local budget;
• fulfillment of the local budget;
• control over the use of territories and infrastructure of the urban district;
• opening and closing of bank accounts, arrangement of contracts and agreements with government bodies and public associations, enterprises, institutions and organizations, including foreign ones, as well as with individuals;
• management and disposition of municipal property in accordance with the current legislature;
• other duties as defined by federal law and the laws of the Magadan region.
Magadan City Hall is entitled to the following:
• to carry out municipal domestic borrowing (including issuing municipal securities) on behalf of the City of Magadan, and to issue municipal guarantees to other borrowers, allowing them to attract credits (loans).

Contact information

Address: 1 Gorkogo Square, Magadan, Magadan region, Russia, 685000.
Tel: (4132) 62-50-47, fax (4132) 62-49-40


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