Magadan for Tourists

Magadan, located in the far North-East of Russia is a city with a huge tourist potential. Rich and wild nature untouched by man, unique history, fusion of cultures and customs of different nationalities, diverse cultural city life create a solid ground for Magadan touristic opportunities. In the Magadan region there are five tour operators and twelve travel agencies that offer about 20 regional tourist tours. Magadan has 13 accommodation facilities (hotels, hostels, guest rooms) with 706 beds total.

Magadan for Tourists

Today, our city can provide a sufficiently wide range of tourist activities for a wide variety of tastes.

Sport and extreme tourism.

Elena Vyalbe , the President of the Russian Ski Races, three-time Olympic champion, 14-time World Champion, five-time World Cup winner whose name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best skier of the XX century, says ‘I like no one else can evaluate the potential of Magadan and the Magadan region.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Ostrikov

Here I where I grew up, here is where my sport career began. One of the most popular types of sport tourism in Magadan is skiing. The ski season lasts here from October to July. Sport camps located both in and outside the city, ski routes laid in the most picturesque places and vary in difficulty and length not only help you to achieve high sport results but also enjoy it immensely. Snow-covered hills surrounding the city are used by skiers and snowboarders almost all year round. You can go snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, and skating at sport and entertainment Snegorka center.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Pohiluk

The artificial snow system allows skiers to practice skills on the modern snow slopes. Recreationists can enjoy rafting down Kolyma rivers and taking some challenging hiking trails;they can admire the beauty of northern nature hardly touched by human hands. It is also possible to set up an extreme snow mobile tour, a hike to the sacred dead glacial origin Mac Mac lake, where one can find relic trout and char which have been living there for millions of years. Diving which allows to see the underwater world of the Sea of Okhotsk is becoming more and more popular.

Fishing and hunting tourism.

The fauna of forests around Magadan is rich and diverse. In different seasons there’re opportunities for the fans of waterfowl (duck and others) and upland fowl (wood and hazel grouse etc.) hunting, as well as for hunting large ungulates (moose, deer) and even bear.

Magadan for Tourists

The water bodies are home for grayling, humpback salmon, sockeye, East Siberian char and brook trout, halibut, flounder, crab, shrimp, trumpet fish.

Magadan for Tourists

There are fertile places for the fans of crab fishing. It is also possible to get an exotic underwater hunting tour with diving up to 40 m depth.

Ecological tourism.

For the fans of outdoor activities Magadan offers a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of the primordial realm of Nature. Picturesque ice ramparts, rocky shore faults, waterfalls, bays and creek valleys, fast rapids, pine mountains and sandy beaches – Kolyma’s nature is unusually rich. Its uniqueness is also in a rare combination of plant and animal species.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Pohiluk

Edelweiss and Adams rhododendron from the Red Book grow here; here you can see pink flaxseed. Squirrels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, hares, moose, sables, black-billed capercaillies live in taiga. Mountain taiga is inhabited by wolverines, bears, weasels, and foxes. The ornithological range of territory is quite wide. It includes the Bering cormorants, spectacled guillemots, horned and crested puffins. Rookeries here are the largest in the whole of the North Pacific.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Pohiluk

There are many secrets and mysterious places in the Magadan region waiting for their explorers. One of them is 30 kilometers from the city on Arman pass. Here one of the hills is crowned with the mysterious structures of multi-ton stone blocks. The mystery of the megaliths excites the minds of everyone who sees this miracle of nature, or perhaps a human creation? Magadan is a unique place to explore and observe, place for unique photos and unforgettable experiences.

Event tourism.

Kolyma capital has united more than 80 nations and nationalities on its territory. Fusion of cultures, customs and national holidays gives a tourist a unique opportunity to come closer to the wonderful world of legends and stories, feel the flavor of the native life.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Ostrikov

Magadan Polar Nights, June New Year – Hebdenek, Land of Friendship Festival, Baltic Midsummer holiday, Fisherman Day – these and many other colorful events will not leave even the most sophisticated audience indifferent.

Sightseeing (historical and informative) Tourism.

In Magadan there are quite a lot of historical monuments, museums and historic sites. In the NEISRI Natural History Museum one can see the most ancient substance of the solar system – 5.7 billion years old Omolon Pallasite as well as Russia's largest iron meteorite Bilibino weighing about 1 ton. Magadan Museum of Local Lore exhibits some unique materials on the history of Stalinist repressions. In its collection there are more than 5,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and pieces of arts and crafts. In the city's museums and libraries one can learn about the history, life and culture of the indigenous people who once were the region main inhabitants as well as get acquainted with the works by Magadan artists, writers and poets.

Magadan for Tourists

Business tourism.

The Magadan International Investment Fair has been held in Magadan since 2014. The event is aimed at improving the investment climate in the Far North East of the country.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by V. Ostrikov

Investment projects, technologies, business ideas, products made and services provided by all kinds of enterprises of the Magadan Region, other regions and countries are presented at the fair.

Magadan for Tourists
photo by E.Radchenko

The fair gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the investment potential of the territory and to evaluate business opportunities in Kolyma.

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